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24 février 2013 Le Blog du projet 65

Lors de leur voyage, les intervenants de Chemins Croisés ont présenté a une classe d’Après-School, les questions filmées des enfants bordelais. Aujourd’hui, Pierrick a rapporté les réponses des enfants indiens. Avec l’aide de Mme Papillon, nous avons réussi à comprendre la majorité des réponses.

Puis on a regardé des images de l’école d’Après-School. Les enfants bordelais on été surpris par différentes choses : la piscine et les animaux dans l’école, la façon de manger, les dortoirs, etc…

La prochaine fois, on passe à l’enregistrement final de la chanson !

65 réponses

  1. Lucie dit :

    C’ ètait une super journée

    • Jemoula dit :

      … anbu mikka Thiru,you are talking of this Archakas in telmpe.that we have achieved in 1960’sgo to any ISKCON telmpe, you can see even a Black by birth will do pooja, wear sacred thread and worship the lord krishna//எனத பத வ ப ர ப பன யம பற ற யத அதற க க பத ல ச ல ல மல வ தத த அன ப அன ப என த ச த ர ப ப வ ண ட ம . Your statement is false. அன த த ச த ய னர ம அர ச சகர ஆக த ம ழக அரச ஆண ப றப ப த தத ம உச சந த மன றத த ல ச ன ற அதற க தட வ ங க யத ம கடந த ம தம நடந த ம ட ந த ர க க றத . த ர ப பத , த ர ச ச த ர வரங கம , உச ச ப ள ள ய ர க ய ல , ச ச ந த ரம , ச தம பரம , வடபழன , தஞ ச ப ர ய க வ ல என எந த க வ ல ல ப ர த த ல ம இன ற ம ஆத க கச த ய னர மட ட ம அர ச சகர கள . ந ங கள அன ப ல த ர வ என பத ஆத க க சக த கள க க ப த க க வ ண ட யத . ப ற மன தர கள எல ல ம க ழ னவர கள ப றப ப ல ர ந த என வ தங கள ல உர வ க க வ த த மற றவர கள ம த வ ற ப ப உம ழ பவர கள க க இத ச ல ல ங கள . உங களத மன தபண ப அப ப த வ ள ப பட ம . அட பட பவன ப ர த த அன ப ச ய என ப த ப பத ம க எள த ! ISKCON க ய ல நடத த க ற ஹர க ர ஸ ண இயக கத த ன க ய ல கள ல சமம க மன தர கள மத ய ங கள என அன ப ப த க க ற ர கள ? கற ப ப க ப றப பத எல ல ம ப ர ப பனர அல ல த ர என ன ம உங கள ப ர வ ய சர ய னதல ல. இங க ப ர ப பன ய க ள க சக மன தன சம உர ம ப ற ற மன தன க மத க க றத இல ல ய என பத லள ய ங கள . //and no body including all the so called brahmins denied or degraded them because they were respected as brahmins because of their way of life. brahminism is a way of life, if somebody claims by birth they are idiots,//ப ர மண யம என பத வ ழ க க ம ற என ற ல அதற க ன வ த ம ற கள என ன? ப ர ப பனர க ப றக க த ஒர வர அந த வ த கள ப ன பற ற ன ல ப ர மண ய வ ழ க க ய கட ப ட ப பத க ஏற ற க க ள ளப பட ட கற பக ரகத த ல ந ழ ய அன மத க கப பட வ ர ? அவர வ தங கள ல ச றந த வ ளங க ன ல அவர த ர வரங கம க ய ல ல அர ச சகர ஆக க வ ர கள ? இதன த ள வ பட த த ங கள .//similarly if somebody keep on mudslinging the minority community whose role is none in all clashes in TN they cheat themselves,//இத வ ம ப ய ய னத ! ஆர .எஸ .எஸ இயக கத த பரப ப பல இடங கள ல ம தல உர வ க க யத ல பல ப ர ப பனர கள க க பங க உண ட . த ர .இல.கண சன பரப ப ய வ ற ய ல மண ட க க ட கலவரம உர வ க பலர க ல லப பட டனர . த டர ந த மத ம தல கள அதன த டர ச ச ய க நடந த வர க றத . தம ழகத த ல ம க க லத த ர உர வ க க ய பல ச த மத ம தல கள க க ப ன ன ல ப ர ப பன ய ச ந தன ய ள ள இந த த த வ இயக கங கள இர ப பத மற க க இயல த உண ம . //Again insisting you, dont try to find fault with people try to send the message of love to all in the world.already hatred is spread enough , you need not have to spread separately.//வ ற ப ப பரப ப வத எனத ந க கமல ல. வ ற ப ப ச த அட க க கள ல உர வ க க அத கட ட க க த த வர ம உண ம ய ச ல ல ந த க ட பத வ ற ப ப ? சங பர வ ர இயக கங கள இந த ய வ ல உர வ க க வர க றத அன ப ? த வ லயங கள த வ ப பத , மச த இட ப பத , ப ல யல பல த க ரம , பட க ல கள இத த ன அன ப ? க ஜர த பட க ல கள ஆதர த த ம , க ல க ர நர ந த ரம ட ய ஆதர த த ப ர ப பன யம வளர ப பத அன ப ? இத த ன ந ங கள ப த க க ற ச வம ?//if somebodey says anbu is differnt from principle, i again pity them. my only principle in life is love all , including all animals, nature , fellow humans, society i have never been ill treated and my way till today has worked out well, my society is full of love there is no place for hatred.//உங கள க க ப ரச சன ய ல ல என பத ல இந த ய வ ல இந த அட ம த தனத த ல வ ழ க ற மக கள க க ப ரச சன ய ல ல என ச ல ல த ர கள . அத தவற னத . வ ற ப ப உர வ க க வத என ந க கமல ல. ப றப ப ல எல ல ர ம சமம என ற சம த யம உர வ க வ ண ட ம என பத என கனவ ! அந த சம த யம எவர ய ம த ழ ந தவர க ஒத க க வ க கக ட த ! //if you still believe there is a differnce please visit nearast ISKCON telmpe, see the equality, every religion has some weaknesses it is not the religion , but the frenzied misintrepreters who spoils the religion.// ஏற கனவ மத ர வ ல இர க க ற க வ ல கள உட பட க ர ஸ ணர க ய ல கள பலவற ற ல ச ன ற ர க க ற ன ! சமஉர ம ய எந த க ய ல ல ம க ணவ ல ல . ஆத க கச த ய னர மந த ரம ஓத அட ம கள வ ள ய க த த ர ந த வழ பட வத த ன ந ன கண ட உண ம . இந த மதத த ன வ தங கள ல ச த இல ல என க ற ர கள ? அப பட ய ன ல இந த வ வ தம அவச யம ல ல . ஏற கனவ இத பற ற தங கமண அவர கள பத வ ல வ வ த த த வ ளக க ய ம ய ற ற !//so again what to saymay love win you all.//அன ப எல ல ர க க ம வரவ ண ட ம ! அத சக மன தன சமம க மத ப பத ல ர ந த வரவ ண ட ம ! Love is not charity!நன ற !

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  2. La maîtresse dit :

    Nous avons apprécié l’exotisme des enfants indiens parlant anglais !

  3. Mhélène dit :

    C’était en effet assez dur de tout comprendre, mais je pense que notre bon accent bordelais a dû les surprendre également ! 😉

  4. Nawel dit :

    Je pense qu’il va avoir une suite ! ♥

    Au revoir !

    • Meenaxi dit :

      I found myself nodding my noggin all the way thghuro.

    • There’s a secret about your post. ICTYBTIHTKY

    • buy levitra dit :

      Wow, this is in every respect what I needed to know.

    • cialis dit :

      Thanks for writing such an easy-to-understand article on this topic.

    • Thanks for helping me to see things in a different light.

    • , “They’ve done the research, they know their stuff, we should trust them.” Again, can you help me see how your position here and there fit together? What else is going on that make these work consistently? Because I can’t see it yet and I suspect it’s going to be important. Is it that you think people are almost absolutely depraved morally but there’s little noetic effect of sin?3. The Bible clearly says otherwise. But, as much as you might like it to be otherwise, the Bible only governs believers. I don’t think Christians should be trying to legislate the morality that comes wrong any more. It’s much more important for us to be fighting for Christianity to maintain the ability to discriminate, than for us to be campaigning for secular law to discriminate.Further, I think we should almost be approaching legislation as though the Bible might actually be wrong.Okay, my thoughts here are:First, the Reformed position includes the second use of the law. The law of God is meant to restrain sinners who have no inherent desire for righteousness. It’s not just house rules for believers, it’s life and death for everyone. And where possible, it’s an act of love to work towards laws that enshrine the good that it points to. Christian morality is good for everyone, even sinners. I don’t think your view here is in any way consistent with that. I’m not sure where you go in the Bible to get the idea that Christians should, in their dealings with the state, act as though the Bible might be wrong. That, I think is the big counter to your argument that seeking Christian morality is fighting for just Christians and not everyone. We actually believe that God is right and is good. Why should we act as though we think that might be wrong?Second, why should we seek to maintain the right for Christian distinctiveness? Isn’t that smuggling in a conviction we have because of theological convictions and trying to embed it in our society? How is that principle the lowest denominator? Surveys fairly consistently show that the majority of people think that just thinking someone else is wrong is intolerant, and that intolerance is a danger to society. What do you do when it becomes clear that the lowest denominator position is that there should be no right for Christians to discriminate?Third, you might keep the right to discriminate in your church service and even in your wedding services. But what about the Christian social worker or relationship counsellor who has to act as though homosexual activity is life-affirming? The Christian who will only be allowed to adopt if they will affirm the child if that child develops homosexual tendencies? The Christian church required to have nonChristians whose lives contradict the gospel in clear public ways in every role except where it’s clearly all about teaching and liturgy (the current law in the UK now – church secretary, school teachers, social arm, possibly even youth workers all included)? Why is it right that they should be allowed to discriminate if the state’s declared that homosexuality is as valid as heterosexuality? We don’t allow racists to do that, even when they’ve got religious reasons for it.4. if marriage is all that we argue it is at this point — why isn’t the church fighting harder against de facto relationships, divorce, and promiscuity. It seems a little arbitrary to draw the line here.The church did fight harder, it fought every inch of ground. You’d have to have no historical awareness at all to seriously think otherwise. The church didn’t do what you want – just shrug its shoulders and say, “Let the sinners legislate for sin.” We have no idea what kind of world we would be living in if it hadn’t fought, even though it lost continually. But the fight moves on. You don’t fight for something small when something bigger comes along. Politics means you fight the fight before you, not the fight you might fight if you win this fight.And arbitrary to draw the line here? So, you won’t be saying that the government shouldn’t be locking up asylum seekers then. I mean there’s lot of things that the church isn’t fighting for, most Aussies are clearly okay with locking up children if they come here on boats, so you’d be pushing ‘your narrow view of morality’ on the majority and not seeking to rule for everyone. And it’d be arbitrary to pick that one issue out.5.And dare I say, I think Calvin was right about most things, but he was well and truly off the reservation when it came to politics.He had a city of people who all claimed to be Christians and who thought they wanted to live as a Christian community. If you think what he did in that situation was ‘off the reservation’ then there’s something missing in your grasp of the situation. Hand that scenario to most of the Christian leaders who are considered the mainstream leaders – the church fathers, the Reformers, the post-Reformation church leaders, and they would do the same. The details would change, but the strategy would look similar. They all shared a conviction about the common good, and the goodness of God’s morality for human life, and the fact that it really is binding on everyone, that you don’t seem to share. I think your libertarian approach is far more off the reservation as far as the Christian tradition goes then Calvin’s is. What Calvin would do in our situation is an interesting question. But Geneva represents the culmination of a Christian aspiration that the nations, and not just a voluntary group inside (like the Anabaptists went for) would follow Jesus. That aspiration goes as far back as the 2nd century Apologists – and so predates Christendom.6.I think we’ve got to come to terms with the idea that gay marriage will be legal in this country and be thinking about how we should be positioning ourselves in the light of that. I don’t want to be aligned with the people who say “gay marriage is child abuse” I want to be the people saying — “this is a triumph for freedom, and I am glad our society allows me to dis agree with the decision with¬out fear of persecution.”Why do we have to come to terms with that? Who says it is inevitable? It’s inevitable if we don’t make a half-decent stand, sure. But when is that the right way to approach an important moral issue?I’m again scratching my head about your view here and Wilberforce, let alone the Confessing Christians in Germany. Were they likely to win? No, no-one would have bet on Wilberforce ending slavery, and the Confessing Christians lost and the Nazis won. Were they reflecting the common denominator? No. They were reflecting, in your wonderful description of Family First, a ‘narrow view of morality’. Why do you think what they did was okay? Shouldn’t they have said, “sinners will have slaves and send Jews to the gas chambers”. If we legislate against it, it won’t be ruling on behalf of everyone, so we should just fight for the right to not own slaves ourselves and not send any Jews to the gas chambers ourselves as a formal act of the Church.” We want to be able to say, “It’s great that people have the right to own slaves and gas Jews. And it’s great that we can disagree with this without fear of persecution.”Sometimes it doesn’t matter whether you win or lose. Sometimes it doesn’t matter all that much how you play the game. Sometimes all that matters is that you did play the game, and when your name was called you answered the call.7.Your position on the homosexual family scenario wasn’t what I was expecting. That’s what makes these discussions so much fun. So you think that having two parents is genuinely good for the child, and that God requires something that is genuinely bad for the child – that they split up into two single parent families, cutting off the children from one parent, and from each other? That means that the gay parents have a choice – they can love God or they can love their children. They can be a follower of Jesus and a bad parent, or they can be a good parent if they don’t follow Jesus. Because, on your view, God is calling them to do something genuinely harmful to the children – break up a family that is genuinely good for the children as it is, and better than two single parent families.

    • A good many valuables you’ve given me.

    • The ability to think like that shows you’re an expert

    • So that’s the case? Quite a revelation that is.

    • I really wish there were more articles like this on the web.

  5. CREPIN LEVANA dit :

    J’ai beaucoup aimé cette journée et j’ai été surprise par cette école et j’aime beaucoup cette chanson !!!!!

  6. oxana dit :

    Cette nouvelle chanson est très jolie, j’adore la chanter.Je suis impatiente de faire le spectacle. Trop de la classe!

  7. Nawel dit :

    J’aime le blog et la chanson. J’adore tellement que je dessine !

    ….. (¯`v´¯)♥
    … (
    / \ ♥♥

  8. Nawel dit :

    |♥ /!\ (\/) *** { J’aime vraiment ce blog } *** (\/) /!\ ♥|

  9. Mhélène dit :

    Oui la chanson est très chouette . J’ai vraiment passé un bon moment au cours de l’enregistrement dans notre bibliothèque- studio ! Les enfants ont pris leur rôle au sérieux et malgré quelques prises répétées plusieurs fois, tout s’est déroulé formidablement bien !!! Vous avez assuré les petits !!!! :)

  10. chirold dit :

    C’est super que les indiens nous ont répondu en anglais parce qu’ on a cherché comme des fous !!!!!!!!!!!

  11. levana dit :

    j’ai beaucoup aime cette journée !!!!!!!!

  12. timothe dit :

    J’ adore faire ce projet avec la classe. :-)

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